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Every year in the world, approximately 2.5 billion tons of fresh fruits and vegetables are produced, however, nearly 25% of the total amount is lost because of the microorganisms. Due to struggle with this problem, chemical preservatives are used but these chemicals include harmful ingredients to human, animal health and the nature. Besides, 70% of product loss occurs in post-harvest process and there isn’t any specified natural preservative for these stages.


Mikoks is a natural preservative which is developed for preventing loss of fresh fruits and vegetables for post-harvest process.


How it Works



Mikoks EC- Plant Based Biofungicides

Biofungicide for grapes and tomatoes against powdery mildew and grey mold 


Bioflux- Fruit& Vegetables Disinfectant 

Natural washing solution for professional kitchens


Biomik- Washing Solution

Natural fruit & vegetables washing solution for home usage


In Press

Nanomik's Co-founder and CEO Buse Berber Örçen has been elected as 'The Best Entrepreneur of 2018'  and 'Best Innovative Woman of 2018' categories at IDC Women in Technology event.





Buse Berber Örçen

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Umut Bülbül

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Arda Örçen

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Ayşegül AKI

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Aşkıcan Hacıoğlu

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Mert Tözün

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Taylan Baran Yeşil

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Fatmanur Poyraz

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Dilara Sahin

R&D Specialist

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Hatice Afsar

Agricultural Engineer

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Office: Reşitpaşa Mah.Katar Cad. Teknokent Arı 3 Sit. No:4/B207 Sarıyer/İstanbul

Lab: Gürsel Mah. Binnaz Sok. No:1A Kağıthane/İstanbul

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